Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Open...

Today marks the official start of the CrossFit Games Open... While the West coast will get the first work out available to them today at 5 PM, their time, we're stuck here on the East Coast waiting until 9 PM, and by that time, for most of us here in Eastern Standard time, Gives us one less day to accomplish the workout and submit it. But hey, I'm no one special, so my complaining won't do shit. 

Anyways, I, for some reason, actually registered for the Open and will be able to see how I stack up amongst my peers regionally, and even world wide... my expectations for my self are rather low, but if I some how miraculously make it to regionals, well then hell f'in yea! 

I'm going to detail my progress as much as possible on here and try to give anyone who reads here and idea what it would be like to compete in the Open. I might even have to video record these work outs, so I will post them as well! I hoping to make posting regular again now, so we'll see if I can keep up. 

For a brief update on me, I have been eating like shit, my diet is not right yet, but I'm getting there. I'm going to try to use the beginning of lent until I go to New Orleans in late March to set my diet right (getting rid of all fried food unless I have absolutely no other option). I'm about 210-215, but I've seen some changes in my body composition... There are VERY FAINT signes of definition coming in on my stomach, which if I work on, MAYBE visibile abs by summer? Haha! I guess we'll have to see!