Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back on track

Consider this my restart into blogging.. And a veterans day post... 10 days late... Haha

So I fell off the wagon. My eating wasn't the best. My workouts, along with my determination and dedication deteriorated. I felt like shit. I felt like I looked like shit. And I've ballooned up to 210#. No bueno. I blame some of it to self induced stress. Ok I could probably blame most of it to that. But no more excuses.

This weekend I did a mud run in Brooklyn with an old friend from
College. Went up to NYC on friday night so I could be ready to leave early morning... She lives in the financial district, which means nothing to me since I'm a Philly guy. I give the cabbie the address he asks me if that's by Albany street. Seriously? Your the cab driver, you tell me, ass. Him not knowing the location of my friends apt ended up being a little bit of a blessing.

He dropped me off about 3 blocks from the apt. I made a few wrong turns. Stopped at an odd opening in the middle of the city with some boards and fences up. It was were the twin towers once stood. I never saw them in person, but standing there looking at the crater that they used to stand in gives you chills. Where I was standing, 10 years ago was nothing but twisted metal, dust, debris, and bodies of victims of 9/11. Crazy feeling, one I cant even try to explain.

So I don't know what everyone else feels when they think 9/11, but I end up thinking about the troops. Mostly because of my cousin, who honestly I think puts terminator to shame in size mass and probably even killing efficiency (his smile said it all a few years ago when he came home from his tour in the durka durka and with a large smile told us he told he was going back to Iraq in a couple months). But anyway, I start thinking of him and the shit he's been through and how I was so stressed out over a job application I hadn't heard back from yet... Yea it was my dream job as a criminal investigator for the FBI, but shit I'm not in some dessert with people shooting at me. It was a self induced stress, and standing there at the old WTC site, I felt that stress melt away... A new dedication came over me.

Funny how a little site like that can change how you feel. I'm getting back on the wagon, starting Monday. Hopefully this site will help keep me on track this time. For the first time in a long time, I've got a really good feeling about something... And I think everything is really starting to come together.

Heres to my return to blogging, I hope you enjoy reading this and my future posts. Enjoy my pics, although very few, from my weekend in the big
Apple... They're the train track (gettin back on track.. Ha get it?) and pics of the old WTC and new.

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  1. I love happy accidents! Glad your cab driver's brought to WTC xo!