Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend: Oct 8, 9

Haven't gone to the box since Thursday morning, but I think it's paying off... Shoulder isn't as sore as it was on friday, and in fact is feeling pretty good... 

So on Saturday, so I didn't feel like a lazy slop because I didn't get to the gym, I decided to go for a 1.29 mile run:

I used the Nike+GPS app on my iPhone, which turned out to be pretty cool.. The pic on the right shows my pace through out my run, Green = faster, and red = slower. 7:30 pace is pretty solid, I'm happy with that. This is the first time I've actually just gone for a run since we did a 5k at out gym as the WOD, and being about to keep a good pace made me happy.  Also, I bought New Balance's Minimus Road shoe (I actually decided on the White shoe with blue), and I'm slowly adjusting to the lower heel. Happy to report, my legs are NOT sore what so ever after that run... I've heard too many times how people jumped right back into their normal running routine with these "barefoot running" shoes, only to hurt them selves. I made sure the first few times I didn't run more than a 400m in them and slowly upped to multiple 400m, and 800m runs in a single work out. Hopefully I'll up it to a full 5k soon.

Sunday: I intend on going on another run, but we'll see where I am later and how I'm feeling. We've got our Wendler max outs this week, and don't wanna be too fatigued! 

Have a good weekend all! See ya in the box!

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