Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When I started CrossFit, I completely undervalued taking a day off.  Now, after 3+ months of going 5-6 days a week, my body is basically telling me to "SLOW THE EFF DOWN." So, since we lost our championship softball game last night (in which I hit the absolute PISS out of the ball, but more on that later...), we went out for drinks to celebrate a successful season. After a few drinks I told myself, "Off day tomorrow, I'm achy, sluggish, and just need another day off to recoup." Well, I'm still kinda achy, but I do feel a bit better since I got some serious sleep last night. So from here forward, I have to listen to my body when it comes to working out, and take an extra day off every now and then.

Now, here are my thoughts on CrossFit, now that I'm over 3 months into it:


That's the best way to sum it up. I go for bike rides, and I ride faster, longer, and get less winded. I RARELY run any more, but when I drop everything sand go for a quick run, I can run farther, longer, and not be nearly as tired as before. Actually, in one of my posts from last week, I posted a picture of my run. 1.29 miles. 7:30 pace. And I can't tell you the last time I ran over a mile at one time. Besides biking and running, I also play softball and volleyball with coworkers once a week. When I started playing softball this spring, I was hitting mostly deep pop ups and week grounders. Every now and then I'd smack a liner, but they were rare. Now in our championship game last night, I hit 2 line drives, one off the middle of the wall (LINE DRIVE, not a long fly ball), and the other one was caught amazingly as the left fielder ran into the wall and caught it over his shoulder (Willie Mays style). The third hit was a ground ball, but hit so hard their short stop (who looked like Derek Jeter in his prime out there) couldn't handle it, and it trickled out to left field. So from beginning of the season (NO CrossFit) to the end of the season (3+ months of CrossFit) my core strength (thanks to those Joey Dill Core Thursdays) and speed increased tremendously enough to where some of my team mates where also noticing. Similar results in Volleyball as well, where I've gone from spiking the ball out of the back of the boundary cause I wasn't jumping high enough or didn't have the core strength to spike down on the ball, to now being able to hit the ball hard and down enough that opposing players barely have time to react or get out of the way! I've been able to see and witness the benefits of CrossFit, and now if I can get my diet under control, I would think I'll be seeing even greater gains in the near future!

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