Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6, 2011

BIG win last night for my office's softball team. We came back from a 12-3 deficit in the 4th inning, and plated 11 runs, all with 2 outs, and won with a final score of 18-16. I had a couple fielding errors at 3rd base, but I redeemed my self when I hit a monster triple off the left center wall, cleared the bases.. CrossFit has definitely made my core significantly stronger, because I put a nice easy swing on it, compared to the violent swings I was using earlier in the season. But onto the Championship game next Wednesday!

If yesterdays workout was hard, today's workout was like being beat with a baseball bat.

WOD: Rounds of 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 (reps of each exercise): 
95# Over Head Squat
24 inch Box Jump
24 kg Kettlebell Swings
16 kg Turkish Get Ups
Double Unders

*Workout Capped at 35 minutes.

Let me start by saying there is definitely something going on in my left shoulder, it's constantly sore, fatigued, and all around just sucks. Good thing it's not my dominant shoulder, or I'd be in trouble. I had to break up the overhead squats because of this. It's frustrating, 95 pounds isn't a heavy load for me, but the shoulder wants to give, and I had to dump the weights a few times. Box jumps I worked on starting ON TOP of the box, then dropping off and exploding back on top of the box. I can't remember if Dolph or Tessein told me this, but they said thats how they were doing it at the games, plus, its how plyometrics are supposed to work, so I figured I'd give it a shot. No issues with the swings, and Turkish Get Ups? They can go F them selves. YouTube them if don't know they are. I wont argue the results they produce, but 21 in a row, SUCKS. Annnnnd double unders,  I've just about got em down. Round of twenty one I got done in two sets, 15 and 6, the round of 18 was unbroken, as was the 15. Round of 12? I was drenched, hands slippery, Handle flew out of my hand after two. So with only 10 seconds left in the workout, I grabbed the handle, regrouped, and repped out 10 more...

So my "score" for today was 12, since I finished the round of 12 and that's it!

Absolutely brutal. No one finished in the session I was at. 

Now for the food:
I had my customary Pre Workout Apple and Post Workout Progenix shake. Nothing new there.
I didn't eat breakfast today. For some reason, just didn't feel up to it, and as long as I feel ok, I'll not eat anything until lunch.
Coffee @ 9:30
Lunch @ 12: I have to buy something from the cafeteria. Hopefully I can keep it relatively healthy.
Snack: Paleo Trail Mix
Dinner: Momma is making some Salmon. I'll take some pictures, and I'll post them later, along with how she cooks it. It's SO easy, absolutely delicious, and I seriously could eat it every day. The marinade might not be considered Paleo, but I'll investigate.

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