Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5, 2011

WOD: 3 Rounds of : Rope Climb, Rowing, Battling Ropes, Slam Ball, Rest. 1st round is 1 minute per exercise, 2nd round is 2 minutes per exercise, and 3rd round is 3 minutes per exercise.

This WOD sucked. Didn't count reps, basically was just a workout for max effort. I got two rope climbs, about 75% of the way up the rope before I scaled down to a rope climb progression. Battling ropes did a number to my shoulders and core. Can't believe how brutal they actually are. For those who don't know what battling ropes are, its when you have a rope wrapped around a pole, and you're holding both ends of the rope in your hands. Then either simultaneously or alternating, move your hands up and down, to make waves in the rope. Looks kinda like this:

and described more thoroughly here:

Food breakdown today isn't much different than yesterday...

pre workout apple
post workout progenix
2 eggs with bacon
Handful paleo trail mix
Grilled chicken and small amount of brown rice
Apple sauce
Tuna Steak

Sorry for the format today. Had a meeting this morning and just had to put this all together quickly due to a lot of work to do!

Softball Semi-Finals tonight at Mercer County Park! I'll post how it goes and hopefully add some pics later too!

Thanks to anyone following, and don't hesitate to leave any comments, criticisms, or anything at all!

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