Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011

Todays WOD: 25 Burpees, 800 Meter run, 21-15-9 of Ground to Over head and Walking Lunges (95# for both), 25 burpees, 400 meter run.

Finished the WOD in 17:57 ... The ground to overhead lift was tricky, I don't think I stretched properly, since my hamstrings and lower back kept tightening up on me (and honestly, I'm still feeling it now in my work chair...). Started out with Snatches for the first 21, but switched over to clean and press for the final two rounds.

I'm thinking my body is still adjusting to the new shoes, which has slowed down my runs slightly, and making me tighter from my lower back down through my calves... I bought the New Balance Minimus Road shoe... I like it a lot so far, no real pain, just tightness and soreness.

I think what I ate yesterday was not perfectly Paleo, but I'm thinking it's probably better than I normally eat, so I'm gonna stick to that as a guideline, and see where I'm at by weeks end.

5:30 am: pre-workout - Large Apple (I like to switch it up, ya know?)
7:00 am: post-workout - Progenix More Muscle + Recovery shake (1.5 scoops of each)
8:45 am: Breakfast - 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, 1 large coffee (I'm working on cutting out the bacon..)
10:30 am: Snack -  Santa Cruz Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce (I have no clue if thats Paleo, but its delicious)
12:00 pm: Lunch - Tuna Steak, Marinated in home made italian dressing, 6 medium sized shrimp, (I gotta get some veggies in there somewhere...) 2 medium sized Clementines. 
3:00 pm: Snack - Handful of Paleo Trail Mix
5:15 pm: Dinner - Roast beef and brown rice.

So I cooked up a tuna steak, probably my second ever, and when ever I experiment with something, I figured I'd post it, maybe with some pictures, and let ya know how it turns out.

I decided to marinate the tuna in Italian dressing since I vaguely remember doing that when I was 16 and working at Bung's Tavern on Rt 130 south bound in Florence, NJ.  

For starters, I couldn't even tell you what the F kind of pan this is. But it leaves some seriously good lookin sear marks.

SECOND. I'm a moron. I cooked Ahi Tuna, which apparently is ment to be seared on both sides for about a minute, leaving the middle basically rare. So my tuna is probably OVER COOKED. I'll let ya know after lunch.

 UPDATE: WAYYYY Better than I had anticpated!


  1. Make me a tuna steak, please!
    PS- try roasted cauliflower as your veg. Tres yummers!

  2. Next time your home! It only takes a short time to cook em!