Monday, October 10, 2011


No work today, so got a rare late morning WOD to start the week.

WOD:  "Diane" (Click Diane to see a YouTube demo of the WOD)
21-15-9 of Deadlift and Hand Stand Pushups. 
First time doing "Diane", and I did it in a time of 6:13. I would like to say I Rx'd the WOD, but I'd like to get more depth on my handstand pushups before I actually claim Rx'd. Dead Lifts were not an issue, I got 18 unbroken in the first round, 10 in the second, and 7 in the third. Each round they were broken because I lost my grip. 

Sister came home today, so I again I'm not eating my best today... Don't see her often, and she was craving Asian food so we got sushi and some chinese... we nearly killed $45 in sushi, terriyaki vegatables, and Generals Chicken... So CLEARLY not Paleo, but starting tomorrow I'll be trying to get back on AGAIN. 

Updates hopefully will get back to normal and improved during this week. I'm going to start taking pictures of my meals to give an idea of how much I'm actually eating.

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