Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back on track

Consider this my restart into blogging.. And a veterans day post... 10 days late... Haha

So I fell off the wagon. My eating wasn't the best. My workouts, along with my determination and dedication deteriorated. I felt like shit. I felt like I looked like shit. And I've ballooned up to 210#. No bueno. I blame some of it to self induced stress. Ok I could probably blame most of it to that. But no more excuses.

This weekend I did a mud run in Brooklyn with an old friend from
College. Went up to NYC on friday night so I could be ready to leave early morning... She lives in the financial district, which means nothing to me since I'm a Philly guy. I give the cabbie the address he asks me if that's by Albany street. Seriously? Your the cab driver, you tell me, ass. Him not knowing the location of my friends apt ended up being a little bit of a blessing.

He dropped me off about 3 blocks from the apt. I made a few wrong turns. Stopped at an odd opening in the middle of the city with some boards and fences up. It was were the twin towers once stood. I never saw them in person, but standing there looking at the crater that they used to stand in gives you chills. Where I was standing, 10 years ago was nothing but twisted metal, dust, debris, and bodies of victims of 9/11. Crazy feeling, one I cant even try to explain.

So I don't know what everyone else feels when they think 9/11, but I end up thinking about the troops. Mostly because of my cousin, who honestly I think puts terminator to shame in size mass and probably even killing efficiency (his smile said it all a few years ago when he came home from his tour in the durka durka and with a large smile told us he told he was going back to Iraq in a couple months). But anyway, I start thinking of him and the shit he's been through and how I was so stressed out over a job application I hadn't heard back from yet... Yea it was my dream job as a criminal investigator for the FBI, but shit I'm not in some dessert with people shooting at me. It was a self induced stress, and standing there at the old WTC site, I felt that stress melt away... A new dedication came over me.

Funny how a little site like that can change how you feel. I'm getting back on the wagon, starting Monday. Hopefully this site will help keep me on track this time. For the first time in a long time, I've got a really good feeling about something... And I think everything is really starting to come together.

Heres to my return to blogging, I hope you enjoy reading this and my future posts. Enjoy my pics, although very few, from my weekend in the big
Apple... They're the train track (gettin back on track.. Ha get it?) and pics of the old WTC and new.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When I started CrossFit, I completely undervalued taking a day off.  Now, after 3+ months of going 5-6 days a week, my body is basically telling me to "SLOW THE EFF DOWN." So, since we lost our championship softball game last night (in which I hit the absolute PISS out of the ball, but more on that later...), we went out for drinks to celebrate a successful season. After a few drinks I told myself, "Off day tomorrow, I'm achy, sluggish, and just need another day off to recoup." Well, I'm still kinda achy, but I do feel a bit better since I got some serious sleep last night. So from here forward, I have to listen to my body when it comes to working out, and take an extra day off every now and then.

Now, here are my thoughts on CrossFit, now that I'm over 3 months into it:


That's the best way to sum it up. I go for bike rides, and I ride faster, longer, and get less winded. I RARELY run any more, but when I drop everything sand go for a quick run, I can run farther, longer, and not be nearly as tired as before. Actually, in one of my posts from last week, I posted a picture of my run. 1.29 miles. 7:30 pace. And I can't tell you the last time I ran over a mile at one time. Besides biking and running, I also play softball and volleyball with coworkers once a week. When I started playing softball this spring, I was hitting mostly deep pop ups and week grounders. Every now and then I'd smack a liner, but they were rare. Now in our championship game last night, I hit 2 line drives, one off the middle of the wall (LINE DRIVE, not a long fly ball), and the other one was caught amazingly as the left fielder ran into the wall and caught it over his shoulder (Willie Mays style). The third hit was a ground ball, but hit so hard their short stop (who looked like Derek Jeter in his prime out there) couldn't handle it, and it trickled out to left field. So from beginning of the season (NO CrossFit) to the end of the season (3+ months of CrossFit) my core strength (thanks to those Joey Dill Core Thursdays) and speed increased tremendously enough to where some of my team mates where also noticing. Similar results in Volleyball as well, where I've gone from spiking the ball out of the back of the boundary cause I wasn't jumping high enough or didn't have the core strength to spike down on the ball, to now being able to hit the ball hard and down enough that opposing players barely have time to react or get out of the way! I've been able to see and witness the benefits of CrossFit, and now if I can get my diet under control, I would think I'll be seeing even greater gains in the near future!

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17

I'm definitely having a case of the Mondays.

Quick update:

WOD: 7 Squat Cleans, 14 Kettlebell Swings

Finished the WOD in 12:18, with 135# squat cleans and 24kg swings. It doesn't look hard, but it was a painful 12 minutes at 6am on a Monday.

Wheybolic Shake
Bacon and Eggs
Cinnamon Apple Sauce
Salad with shredded carrots, home made italian dressing
3 small chicken thighs, barbecued
Paleo Trail mix

Big softball game for me to day, championship at mercer county park. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13, 2011

Long day = Late update.

Strength: Max out on Dead Lift.
Maxed out at 375# today. Was tight in my hamstrings and back before I even got there, so I'm happy with it. 10 pound increase from last time.

Todays WOD: 3-6-9-12-15-18... etc, of Snatch(95#), Overhead Squat(95#), Pull ups. cap is 12 minutes.
Finished round of 12, plus 15 snatches.

Overhead squats killed me on the WOD. Should just kept giving, and I had to drop. other than that, everything was good and easy.

800 meter run/indian run to end the workout. basically ran 4 quick sprints during the 800 meter.

WheyBolic, 2 scoops.
2 Eggs, bacon
Sweet Potato Fries, buffalo chicken fingers (coworkers' 40th bday lunch at Chickies and Petes, so I did the best I could!)
Apple Sauce
Steak & Carrots

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12, 2011

Got a good night's sleep last night, and was not happy to get up from it... made it to the box a little late, but the workout hadn't started so I was good...

WOD: As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of: 400 Meter run, 10 L-Pull Ups (Subbed with REGULAR pull ups), 15 GoodMornings (with bar), and 20 sit ups (25 lb plate).

Got an even 6 rounds. Not a fun WOD, but a change of pace. Also, Benched 225, with the shoulder pain, so I'm happy with it. Had 245 on the bar, and with a spotter, I got it up for one, but I prefer recording what I do on my own.

I also stopped by GNC last night to pick up some supps since I was low on the Progenix. Progenix is so expensive, and even though I saw results, I decided to switch it up. I picked up GNC's WheyBolic 60. I've heard a couple people in the box taking it so I figured I'd give it a shot too. Got the Vanilla Flavor and it tasted damn good. Recommended serving size of 3 scoops gives you 60 grams of protein, plus 7 grams of carbs... But that leaves only 17 servings in the container, so I'm going with 2 scoops after workout (40/5 grams protein/carbs). Also picked up the MegaMens vitamin pack to give that a shot. Walked out of there with just over $80 of supps, after a 30% discount, so I can't complain! That's a $50 savings over the Progenix... so it's worth a shot. Anyone have any recommendations on Vitamins and Protein, I'm all ears.

Preworkout: PLUM (switched that shit up!)
Post workout: WheyBolic 60, 2 scoops
Breakfast: 2 eggs + 3 strips bacon
Snack: Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce
Lunch: Strip Steak and Carrots (Again)
Snack: Paleo Trail Mix
Dinner: Chicken Parmigiana Sandwhich 

Did real good till dinner!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11

Back to 5 am mornings... shit.

Once I got up, it wasn't too bad.

10 sets of 2 reps

First set was 135# to warm up. Second set, 155#. Sets 3-10 @ 165#. Worked mostly on form and depth of the squat. Never was too good with front squat so I wanted to get more familiar with the form and keeping the weight on the shoulders.

10 rounds of 
Left hand: KettleBell Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Front Squat, Push Press
Right hand: KettleBell Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Front Squat, Push Press
*Try to go up in weight each round.
*Besides placing KettleBell down to switch hands, don't drop the KB. Each drop has a 1 burpee penalty. 

I don't recall my time (some wheres between 7:30 and 8:30 I think?), I reached the 40kg KB and had 1 drop.
A different workout, I liked it a lot. I started with the 12kg KB for the first round. Rounds 2, 3, were with a 16kg KB. Rounds 4, 5, and 6 were @ 24kg. 7, 8, and 9 @ 32kg, and finally the 40kg KB on the final round. 

The 40kg round probably wasn't pretty, but I wanted to get that big f'er up. It's roughly 88 lbs from shoulder to overhead with one hand. The first few sets were goofy with the push press. Just felt odd with one hand. Good thing I got it down after a little, I would have never gotten the 40kg off my shoulder just pressing it.

Day 1 of getting back on the whole Paleo kick:

Woke up late, so I didn't have my apple. And I forgot to pack my progenix, so I didn't have that either...
Breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon. (SURPRISE!)
Snack: Paleo Trail Mix.
Lunch: NY Strip Steak and Carrots.
Snack: Apple Sauce
Dinner: 1.5 Tilapia Fillet, 0.5 cups of rice

Pics coming soon!
Also, I'll be putting up a post of my Pics from around 2008, when I was still a college offensive lineman...Once I find the best pics!

Monday, October 10, 2011


No work today, so got a rare late morning WOD to start the week.

WOD:  "Diane" (Click Diane to see a YouTube demo of the WOD)
21-15-9 of Deadlift and Hand Stand Pushups. 
First time doing "Diane", and I did it in a time of 6:13. I would like to say I Rx'd the WOD, but I'd like to get more depth on my handstand pushups before I actually claim Rx'd. Dead Lifts were not an issue, I got 18 unbroken in the first round, 10 in the second, and 7 in the third. Each round they were broken because I lost my grip. 

Sister came home today, so I again I'm not eating my best today... Don't see her often, and she was craving Asian food so we got sushi and some chinese... we nearly killed $45 in sushi, terriyaki vegatables, and Generals Chicken... So CLEARLY not Paleo, but starting tomorrow I'll be trying to get back on AGAIN. 

Updates hopefully will get back to normal and improved during this week. I'm going to start taking pictures of my meals to give an idea of how much I'm actually eating.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Found this article on that really piqued my interest because it's basically what I'm trying to do with this attempted transition to Paleo diet.

Give it a read and comment if you like.

Weekend: Oct 8, 9

Haven't gone to the box since Thursday morning, but I think it's paying off... Shoulder isn't as sore as it was on friday, and in fact is feeling pretty good... 

So on Saturday, so I didn't feel like a lazy slop because I didn't get to the gym, I decided to go for a 1.29 mile run:

I used the Nike+GPS app on my iPhone, which turned out to be pretty cool.. The pic on the right shows my pace through out my run, Green = faster, and red = slower. 7:30 pace is pretty solid, I'm happy with that. This is the first time I've actually just gone for a run since we did a 5k at out gym as the WOD, and being about to keep a good pace made me happy.  Also, I bought New Balance's Minimus Road shoe (I actually decided on the White shoe with blue), and I'm slowly adjusting to the lower heel. Happy to report, my legs are NOT sore what so ever after that run... I've heard too many times how people jumped right back into their normal running routine with these "barefoot running" shoes, only to hurt them selves. I made sure the first few times I didn't run more than a 400m in them and slowly upped to multiple 400m, and 800m runs in a single work out. Hopefully I'll up it to a full 5k soon.

Sunday: I intend on going on another run, but we'll see where I am later and how I'm feeling. We've got our Wendler max outs this week, and don't wanna be too fatigued! 

Have a good weekend all! See ya in the box!

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011

Fell of the wagon today. All I have to say is DeLorenzo's. No more details. Did NOT work out today. All in all, pretty bad. Jumping back up the wagon tomorrow. Updates will resume as normal!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6, 2011

BIG win last night for my office's softball team. We came back from a 12-3 deficit in the 4th inning, and plated 11 runs, all with 2 outs, and won with a final score of 18-16. I had a couple fielding errors at 3rd base, but I redeemed my self when I hit a monster triple off the left center wall, cleared the bases.. CrossFit has definitely made my core significantly stronger, because I put a nice easy swing on it, compared to the violent swings I was using earlier in the season. But onto the Championship game next Wednesday!

If yesterdays workout was hard, today's workout was like being beat with a baseball bat.

WOD: Rounds of 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 (reps of each exercise): 
95# Over Head Squat
24 inch Box Jump
24 kg Kettlebell Swings
16 kg Turkish Get Ups
Double Unders

*Workout Capped at 35 minutes.

Let me start by saying there is definitely something going on in my left shoulder, it's constantly sore, fatigued, and all around just sucks. Good thing it's not my dominant shoulder, or I'd be in trouble. I had to break up the overhead squats because of this. It's frustrating, 95 pounds isn't a heavy load for me, but the shoulder wants to give, and I had to dump the weights a few times. Box jumps I worked on starting ON TOP of the box, then dropping off and exploding back on top of the box. I can't remember if Dolph or Tessein told me this, but they said thats how they were doing it at the games, plus, its how plyometrics are supposed to work, so I figured I'd give it a shot. No issues with the swings, and Turkish Get Ups? They can go F them selves. YouTube them if don't know they are. I wont argue the results they produce, but 21 in a row, SUCKS. Annnnnd double unders,  I've just about got em down. Round of twenty one I got done in two sets, 15 and 6, the round of 18 was unbroken, as was the 15. Round of 12? I was drenched, hands slippery, Handle flew out of my hand after two. So with only 10 seconds left in the workout, I grabbed the handle, regrouped, and repped out 10 more...

So my "score" for today was 12, since I finished the round of 12 and that's it!

Absolutely brutal. No one finished in the session I was at. 

Now for the food:
I had my customary Pre Workout Apple and Post Workout Progenix shake. Nothing new there.
I didn't eat breakfast today. For some reason, just didn't feel up to it, and as long as I feel ok, I'll not eat anything until lunch.
Coffee @ 9:30
Lunch @ 12: I have to buy something from the cafeteria. Hopefully I can keep it relatively healthy.
Snack: Paleo Trail Mix
Dinner: Momma is making some Salmon. I'll take some pictures, and I'll post them later, along with how she cooks it. It's SO easy, absolutely delicious, and I seriously could eat it every day. The marinade might not be considered Paleo, but I'll investigate.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5, 2011

WOD: 3 Rounds of : Rope Climb, Rowing, Battling Ropes, Slam Ball, Rest. 1st round is 1 minute per exercise, 2nd round is 2 minutes per exercise, and 3rd round is 3 minutes per exercise.

This WOD sucked. Didn't count reps, basically was just a workout for max effort. I got two rope climbs, about 75% of the way up the rope before I scaled down to a rope climb progression. Battling ropes did a number to my shoulders and core. Can't believe how brutal they actually are. For those who don't know what battling ropes are, its when you have a rope wrapped around a pole, and you're holding both ends of the rope in your hands. Then either simultaneously or alternating, move your hands up and down, to make waves in the rope. Looks kinda like this:

and described more thoroughly here:

Food breakdown today isn't much different than yesterday...

pre workout apple
post workout progenix
2 eggs with bacon
Handful paleo trail mix
Grilled chicken and small amount of brown rice
Apple sauce
Tuna Steak

Sorry for the format today. Had a meeting this morning and just had to put this all together quickly due to a lot of work to do!

Softball Semi-Finals tonight at Mercer County Park! I'll post how it goes and hopefully add some pics later too!

Thanks to anyone following, and don't hesitate to leave any comments, criticisms, or anything at all!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011

Todays WOD: 25 Burpees, 800 Meter run, 21-15-9 of Ground to Over head and Walking Lunges (95# for both), 25 burpees, 400 meter run.

Finished the WOD in 17:57 ... The ground to overhead lift was tricky, I don't think I stretched properly, since my hamstrings and lower back kept tightening up on me (and honestly, I'm still feeling it now in my work chair...). Started out with Snatches for the first 21, but switched over to clean and press for the final two rounds.

I'm thinking my body is still adjusting to the new shoes, which has slowed down my runs slightly, and making me tighter from my lower back down through my calves... I bought the New Balance Minimus Road shoe... I like it a lot so far, no real pain, just tightness and soreness.

I think what I ate yesterday was not perfectly Paleo, but I'm thinking it's probably better than I normally eat, so I'm gonna stick to that as a guideline, and see where I'm at by weeks end.

5:30 am: pre-workout - Large Apple (I like to switch it up, ya know?)
7:00 am: post-workout - Progenix More Muscle + Recovery shake (1.5 scoops of each)
8:45 am: Breakfast - 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, 1 large coffee (I'm working on cutting out the bacon..)
10:30 am: Snack -  Santa Cruz Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce (I have no clue if thats Paleo, but its delicious)
12:00 pm: Lunch - Tuna Steak, Marinated in home made italian dressing, 6 medium sized shrimp, (I gotta get some veggies in there somewhere...) 2 medium sized Clementines. 
3:00 pm: Snack - Handful of Paleo Trail Mix
5:15 pm: Dinner - Roast beef and brown rice.

So I cooked up a tuna steak, probably my second ever, and when ever I experiment with something, I figured I'd post it, maybe with some pictures, and let ya know how it turns out.

I decided to marinate the tuna in Italian dressing since I vaguely remember doing that when I was 16 and working at Bung's Tavern on Rt 130 south bound in Florence, NJ.  

For starters, I couldn't even tell you what the F kind of pan this is. But it leaves some seriously good lookin sear marks.

SECOND. I'm a moron. I cooked Ahi Tuna, which apparently is ment to be seared on both sides for about a minute, leaving the middle basically rare. So my tuna is probably OVER COOKED. I'll let ya know after lunch.

 UPDATE: WAYYYY Better than I had anticpated!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Challenge begins... Octoboer 3rd, 2011

Today I started the Paleo Challenge with fellow CrossFitters at CFMercer. On here, I will record my WODs (work out of the day) and what I eat, to see how well I can stick to the Paleo lifestyle... 

Todays WOD was "Cindy": As many rounds as possible of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats in 20 minutes...

I finished with 15 rounds, plus 5 PullUps, 10 Push Ups, and 3 Air Squats. I went a good steady pace, not to quick and went unbroken as much as possible. Only issue was my shoulder on the pull ups. I seem to have some sort of an impingement on my left shoulder that will pinch from time to time on my pull ups, leaving my arm numb for a split second... It'll sap my strength, and grip, and I'll find my self holding on to the bar with one hand from time to time due to it. I grabbed a Lacrosse ball and actually rolled it on my shoulder during the squats in hopes of getting through the WOD, and it helped significantly. Crazy how a $3 ball can fix ya up quick. 

5:15 AM: Pre-Workout- Large Apple
7:00 AM: Post Workout- Progenix More Muscle + Recovery Shake
8:15 AM: Breakfast- 2 eggs, 3 strips bacon, 1 large coffee (black).
11:00 AM: Snack - Hand full of PALEO TRAIL MIX (See Below)
12:00 PM: Lunch - Grilled chicken breast and drumstick, corn, coffee.
3:30 PM: Snack - Hand full of Paleo trail mix
5:00 PM: Dinner - Mosquite chicken breast (tyson)... probably not my best option but had a little emergency to day and didn't have anything else ready to be cooked, so I did the best with what I had!

"Paleo Trail Mix"
Got this recipe from my Box's website,, from Friday September 23, 2011.
1 cup whole almonds
1/2 cup whole cashews
1/2 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds
1/2 cup raisins (I left these out)
1/2 cup currants
1/2 cup dried blueberries

This makes a boat load, but I made it and put it in a bunch of little ziploc bags and have one on my desk and one in my car for anytime I need a quick snack.